Advice for Making Tough Educational Choices

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Online Mastercam Classes: Common FAQs From Prospective Students

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If you want to gain an advantage in the workplace, becoming qualified with mastercam operation and machine milling is an excellent way to do just that. However, not everyone has enough time to commit to a full-time training program at a local trade school in order to gain their professional certifications. If you are already in the machining industry and are ready to take your career to the next level, you should know that there is another solution in the form of online mastercam classes. Read More»

Crop Dusters Are Necessary To Farmers

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No matter how advanced agriculture gets, there are some things that are always going to need to be done. One of those things is aerial application of certain pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, and other products. To get that, farmers need to have crop dusters, also called agricultural pilots. Crop Dusters Crop dusters are pilots who fly at extremely low altitudes so that they can spray products over the fields. That low altitude is generally just feet above the crops or fields that they are spraying. Read More»

Preschool Math: What's Your Child Learning?

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Math in preschool doesn’t exactly equal calculus, long division, and multi-step SAT-style word problems. But preschool math is important. Quality, challenging math education in the early-childhood classroom creates a foundation for your child’s future learning, according to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). With that in mind—what is your child learning in their pre-k math lessons? Geometry Between the ages of three and six (in other words, the preschool years), your child is beginning to recognize, remember, and name basic shapes. Read More»

Vouchers for Education and Freedom of Choice: What It Means for Private Schools

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There are some states in this country, like Wisconsin, that participates in a “vouchers for education” program. All schools in these states, regardless of their public, private, or parochial status, agree to participate. That means that children in these states can attend whatever schools their parents want them to attend. Here is more on this type of program, the freedom of choice and what it means for your child’s attendance at private schools. Read More»

Trades That You Can Do At Home With Young Kids

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If you are interested in learning a new trade and you have a young family, now is a time to plan for a good work life balance. As a parent with young kids, daycare costs can be high, and you may find yourself not wanting to be away from them for the many hours that it will take to build a new career. If you know that you would prefer to stay at home with your children, but you still want to start a career, there are trades that will allow you to work at home. Read More»

Distinguish Yourself After Getting An MBA By Going To Vocational School

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Getting an MBA can help you qualify for open management positions at many companies, but an MBA itself may not set you apart from other qualified candidates. According to Fortune, 191,571 people earned an advanced business degree in 2011-2012. Lots of people vying for mid- and upper-management positions have MBAs. There is an easy way to set yourself apart from other MBA graduates, though. Going to vocational school after earning an MBA can make you stand out from other applicants who have MBAs. Read More»

Four Factors To Consider When Selecting A Phlebotomist Certification Program

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If you’re looking to begin a career as a phlebotomist, completing a certification program is your first step. Don’t just choose any program. It’s important to choose an option that is best suited to meet both your short and long-term needs. Here are some tips to help you make your selection.  Location Make sure you are attending a school in the state where you plan to work upon completion of the program. Read More»