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Trades That You Can Do At Home With Young Kids

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If you are interested in learning a new trade and you have a young family, now is a time to plan for a good work life balance. As a parent with young kids, daycare costs can be high, and you may find yourself not wanting to be away from them for the many hours that it will take to build a new career. If you know that you would prefer to stay at home with your children, but you still want to start a career, there are trades that will allow you to work at home. Here are some trades that will allow you to work at home with young children. 


If your children are in the toddler or young child phases, you can teach them to be quiet and have them working on materials for learning and playing throughout the day. During the schedule, you can take clients as a massage therapist. A massage room, along with a proper table, the necessary oils, and other materials depending on the massages that you will perform can be placed in a room with the door. Be sure to have a diffuser for essential oils and quiet music in the room. While your children are having quiet work time or napping, you can create a proper ambience for your clients without leaving the house. 

Small appliance repair

If you have always been handy, going to school for appliance repair can be a good career choice. Instead of repairing large machines, you can specialize in small appliance repair. In order to work on appliances in your home, you will need the proper tools, plus a workspace with a child gate and a door that locks. You can have clients bring items to your home or pick them up during your usual runs with the children. In order to complete your job safely, you need to have a baby gate to keep your children out of the room while working. If you are done for the day, lock the door so that no one can get in. 


Bookkeeping is possible to do from home due to bookkeeping software. Small businesses will often need to outsource their bookkeeping and as a person with low overhead, you can easily charge less than other large accounting and bookkeeping companies. As long as you have the software possible to maintain and a proper website set up for clients to communicate with you, you can do all bookkeeping through cloud system management and software. This will allow you the time to spend with your kids during the day, plus give you a quiet job that will not disrupt nap or bedtime. 

For more information, contact a trade school in your area.