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Is Montessori Daycare A Good Fit For Your Child?

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When looking at daycare options for your child, you might have seen a few centers offering Montessori daycare. These centers utilize an education philosophy developed by Maria Montessori, an Italian educator, that was outlined in her 1912 book, The Montessori Method. But what exactly does this method involve? And more importantly, how can your child benefit from it?

Freedom of Choice and Expression

Broadly speaking, Montessori daycare actively promotes freedom of choice and expression as a means of developing key social and educational skills. While Montessori learning has a precise methodology, its approach is strategically unstructured in order to yield the intended results. Children are offered a range of activities, such as games or arts and crafts. They are encouraged to move freely through the room, participating in activities of their own choice. They're closely supervised and supported, regardless of the activity, but this approach is intended to foster a sense of independence.  

Your Child's Independence

This independence isn't just about a free choice of activities, and children are required to assist in the preparation and tidying up required for tasks. Additionally, they're encouraged to attend to their own needs while onsite, as far as is appropriate for their age group. This can involve anything from cleaning up after themselves to getting their own snacks (all while supervised, of course). They're also encouraged to resolve their own conflicts, again, as far as is appropriate for their age group. This emphasizes the idea that freedom and independence come with certain obligations that are necessary to facilitate this freedom and independence. This helps to foster a sense of social and civic responsibility from a young age. 

Your Child's Future Education

The skills learned at this young age, such as reasoning and imagination, are also intended to allow your child to face more abstract problems in their later education (whether this is Montessori-based or within the mainstream school system). Some parents might prefer that their children receive a more traditional form of education at a later age, but this is very much a personal choice. That being said, a great number of parents all over the world opt for the Montessori approach in daycare, allowing their children to use these skills in their subsequent education and social development.

If you're still not sure whether Montessori daycare is a good fit for your child, it can be a good idea to allow them to join a session so you can see the results firsthand.